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These are the first truly universal USB charging hubs: 8-port and 16-port professional charge and sync hubs for iPads, iPhones, tablets, smart phones and other USB-powered devices. These hubs adjust each USB port to the optimal charging profile for each device as it is plugged into the hub. And they are “future-proof.”


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The first purpose-built storage and security solutions for the iPad mini

created to sync, charge, store and secure iPad minis in cabinets and carts designed specifically for its compact size. Sync-and-charge is provided by the same advanced

USB hub used in other Datamation

Systems products.   


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The DS-SC-U16 is a desktop kit that provides sync-and-charge capabilities in a compact, easy-to-use form factor. An advanced Cambrionix intelligent USB board is mounted in a custom-made steel enclosure with a power supply, providing 16 USB ports for syncing and charging at the optimum rates for which iPads were designed. It is compatible with the newest iPad and all previous generations.


Adding even more value, this hub is universal for all USB-chargeable devices, including smart phones, tablets, headsets, and more.  It is "future-proof" so new charge profiles can be loaded from the web, assuring it will handle future USB-2.0 devices.  (Not all devices are designed to sync via USB.)

You can use the DS-SC-U16 to simultaneously sync 16 iPads using iTunes, Configurator or other device management software with a MacBook or a Windows (7 or XP) based PC.  Syncing is easy and fast.  This kit is perfect for a tech center, help desk or library support depot.  It can be mounted on a counter or on an existing notebook cart or cabinet, turning your old storage station into a sync-and-charge station. Click here for more information.


A charge-only version is also available, click here





The DS-IP-SC-49 provides a desktop station that lets you simultaneously sync up to 49 iPads (or other USB devices).

Using a Mac, Linux or Windows (7 or XP) based PC, this can sync with iTunes or other software capable of addressing USB devices.  (Non-Mac hosts may have some software limitations.)


Compatible with the newest iPads and all previous generations.

For centralized management control, license/content management and technology deployments, this a great solution. A single station in a tech center, library or IT department can simultaneously sync 49 iPads. It can even be used for other USB devices such as USB-connected cell phones, scanners, etc .

Imagine rolling up cart-loads of iPads and syncing them at a single station – quickly and easily.

Combined with other charging and security solutions from Datamation Systems, the DS-IP-SC-49 lets you create the

most effective, affordable, convenient simultaneous syncing solution for your iPad and other USB device deployments.

[For iPods, this will both sync and charge the devices with a full 500mA charge! It will not charge iPads.]

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The World's Biggest USB Hub? (coming soon)

We will soon be releasing a compact 54-port sync hub that can be rack-mounted and even joined with a second hub to create a massive 108-port array – perhaps larger than anything else currently available.

A worthy successor to our DS-IP-SC-49 49-port hub, this will be ideal for copying data to devices like memory sticks, e-readers, etc. and can be used in many different environments. For example, this unit will be very useful in USB test houses which have large numbers of devices connected to a single computer.

It will use a readily available, cost effective and compact power supply and is specifically designed to comply with USB specifications. Each port will supply the full 500mA of current simultaneously, something lesser hubs fail to do, leading to unreliable data transfer or even failure to connect to all devices.

If you would like to receive information about the 54-port hub’s release, please click here.







Series8 Universal 8-Port Home/Office Charging Station

The DS-C-Series8 is an intelligent 8-port USB Charge Station perfect for home and office use.

The Series8 charger is compatible with any device that provides charging via USB cable. It is compact and stylish and can charge up to eight devices simultaneously*, making it the ideal choice for home or office use.

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32 Port Sync and Charge Station






The DS-SC-U32 lets you create a sync and charge station for a desktop or as a retrofit for an existing cart or cabinet.  Each of its 32 USB ports delivers 2.1A for charging iPads, iPhones and iPods and syncs the same way as the most advanced cart-based hubs uses our unique, advanced universal, "future-proof" USB technology. 

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The DS-C-U16 is a professional USB charging station that is compact and easy to use.  It will simultaneously charge 16 iPads (all generations), iPhones, iPods or any USB 2.0 powered device, replacing bulky power strips and multiple AC adapters.  It is designed to provide the optimum power required for the fast, safe charging of these devices.

The first truly "universal" USB charging hub, it reads the battery requirements of a connected device and sets the charger for that port. And it is "future-proof" -- built with user updateable firmware to handle new devices as they come along. 

These hubs are used in retail environments, service depots, tech centers, and conference facilities -- any place that needs fast, convenient and space-efficient charging capability.  They can be used on a desktop, mounted under a counter or placed in a cabinet or cart.

The DS-C-U16 works with many other types of USB-powered devices (such as Kindles, smart phones and tablets), virtually any device that would charge if plugged into a standard USB-connected AC adapter. 

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The DS-CH-32-500 provides a compact desktop station that lets you simultaneously charge up to 32 USB devices, durable and reliable system, each port delivers 500mA of power.  (See notes on connecting page for details and limitations.)

Combined with other charging and security solutions from Datamation Systems, this lets you create the most effective, affordable deployment and support for iPod/iPod Touch devices and other USB-based technology deployments.

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for Sync and Charge Carts, click here
for Sync and Charge Stationary Cabinets, click here


The Netsafe2-IPCS and top-loading Gather'RoundTM carts are examples of cabinets and carts for iPads with or without cablesUsing the advanced intelligence of Cambrionix USB hubs, our storage and security solutions give you lots of choices.

If syncing your iPads is not a daily task, our sync-and-charge solutions offer a suite of efficient and affordable strategies. When needed, they allow you to bring sync capabilities to your iPads (wherever they are) or bring your iPads to a sync station that is an effective shared resource.

This can save you money (in some cases tens of thousands of dollars), improving management control and security, and making the best use of scarce resources.  See the options below.








Several configurations to meet your needs for new iPads and all previous generations:

  • 10: transport and charge 10 iPads, click here

  • 16: transport, sync and charge 16 iPads and a MacBook, click here

  • Share sync-and-charge capabilities with multiple iPad locations, click here

  • 24: transport and charge 24 iPads and a MacBook. click here

  • 38: transport and charge 38 iPads and a MacBook, click here

See them all here









The Parasync for iPads was the only professional docking solution for iPads.  New models for the latest iPads are expected.  

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MDM Trays:

Mobile Device Manager Trays and Security Enclosures: iPods, iPhones and other devices (with accessories) can be charged, synced and protected in a variety of configurations. click here

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To create a good system solution for your iPad syncing, you can also use the DS-IP-STAND-8, a simple desktop stand that holds eight iPads (any generation) in position while they are being synced or charged. Two of these simple stands will accommodate the 16 iPad capacity of our SyncCharge kits.







We recommend you use the cables provided by Apple with each iPad to connect your iPads to the Datamation Systems sync and charge devices. If you need cables to supplement these, be sure to use either an Apple-provided cable or a cable that is not only USB 2.0 certified but meets Apple's specifications. Many inexpensive third party cables are either not durable enough for frequent charge and sync use or are not properly shielded or configured, which could affect the charge and sync function.

Datamation Systems offers a bundle of certified USB cables of a type we have had tested to assure their compliance with these standards. We encourage you to either purchase Apple-provided cables or order a set of 8 or 16 cables from Datamation Systems. 

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Serious Security - Enclosure Frames: To protect the new iPad (or previous generation) in public access areas (such as kiosks, libraries, welcome desks, service areas or trade shows), use these secure table top or wall mount security enclosures.   read more


Other enclosures are available for the HP ElitePad™ and its docking station. read more





Desk Stand for iPad: iPhome™  - The perfect student accessory, this foam wedge protects the iPad & allows students to have stable, 2-handed use of the new iPad or any previous generation.  read more











Security ID Tags and Recovery Services -  A cost effective anti-theft deterrent, recovery and inventory tracking system that protects iPads.  read more





Some of these sync and charge solutions may also be available for tablets
(Samsung Galaxy™, HP TouchPad™, Dell Latitude™ 10 and XPS, Lenovo Thinkpad®
and IdeaPad™) and eReaders (Kindle™, Nook™, etc.)

To contact us for details, click here


For information on wireless vs wired syncing, visit our FAQ page or save this PDF file.



Solutions to Sync and Charge your IPads and other USB devices. read more


Secure Storage
Cabinets, carts and safes to secure, sync and charge. read more


Transport Cases
Travel cases to safely move iPads and USB Sync and Charge devices. read more


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